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 1. General:

Accessories4him.co.uk is a tradename of E.L.Cravatte BV (Ltd). Other tradenames of E.L. Cravatte are:

E.L.Cravatte is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce The Hague, The Netherlands (nr.  54944937 ). Our company is based in Voorhout, The Netherlands, Baarslaan 91, 2215 XK.

When placing an order at Accessories4him.co.uk or one of the affiliate sites, you automatically agree with our general conditions, mentioned below.


2. Shipping Charges:

The shipping charges are £ 2,50 for the first article and £ 1,00 for each extra article. The maximum shipping costs are £ 10,00. 

3. Quick Shipment:

3.1) On the day the payment is received your order will be shipped from The Netherlands. Normally the goods arrive within 2-4 days.If any item ordered is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed accordingly. If you haven’t received your order within 30 days, you have the right to cancel your order, unless another delivery time has been agreed.

3.2) Normally the goods arrive within 2-3 days in The United Kingdom. For addresses outside The United Kingdom the delivery time takes approximately 3-4 days, but always less then 30 days (see 3.1).

3.3) As soon as we have send your product, you will receive a shipping notify from us.

3.4) If any item ordered is temporarily not available, you will be informed accordingly. In case you made a (down) payment already, you have the right to cancel the order. We will transfer the amount you already paid back into your bank account within 14 days.


4. Period of Approval:

4.1) All your purchases at Accessories4him.co.uk or affiliate webshops have an approval period of 7 working-days. You may return the product within this period without a reason. The product you want to return may not be used or damaged and must be returned in the original packing. Our hosiery and shirts may not be hold out of the package (cause we cannot sell them anymore after the were held out of the package)

4.2) You need to send the product back in a stamped envelop to; Accessories4him.co.uk / Accessories4her.co.uk Baarslaan 91, 2215 XK,  Voorhout, The Netherlands. The shipping risk is for the customer.

4.3) As soon as we received your returned product, we will transfer the amount including the shippingcosts (which you paid us with your order) within 14 days.

4.4) We don’t accept any responsibility for returned products damaged or lost during the shipment.

4.5) If you wish to exchange a product, you will need to inform us in advance.

4.6) If the condition of the returned product is not the same as the condition we delivered it in, we have the right to return only a part of the price of the product or nothing. Of course we will inform you accordingly.


5. Delivery:

Due to the fact that most of our products are small, it makes it possible to send the product by mail (except belts, watches, some leather goods and handbags). This means you don’t have to stay at home to receive your order! Our products are packed in a protective cellophaneskin. The delivery-risk is for the customer.


6. Garantees:

6.1) Customer satisfaction is our goal at Accessories4him.co.uk / Accessories4her.co.uk. In the event that any product does not meet your expectations, you may return it (within 14 days) for credit or exchange, subject to item availibility.

6.2) Accessories4him.co.uk  and the affiliate site gives 2 years warrantee on the movements of our watches. For further information about our guarantee conditions please contact us at info@accessories4him.co.uk

6.3) The term of Guarantee is 6 months for our products, unless the shortcoming of the product is not caused by damage, theft, inaccurate use, negligence or be subject to wear.

6.4) In case of a shortcoming product (see 6.3), we will exchange the product or you may return it for credit (or a part of the original price).


7. Privacy Policy & Security:

Your privacy on the internet is important to us at Accessories4him.co.uk . Your personal information will only be used during the normal order process and will not be passed on to others.

For your own safety creditcard-information will not be saved at our server. Transactions will be executed by Ogone, Paypal (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover), Verified by Visa, Secure Mastercard or by your own bankaccount (transferring).

(see: payment options)


8. Prices:

Our prices are expressed in Pounds ( £) and are including 19% V.A.T. (The Dutch V.A.T.-tarif)


9. Payment Conditions:

9.1) During the purchase process you have the choice to pay in advance (by banktransfer) or to pay by creditcard.

9.2) ) On the day the payment is received your order will be shipped from The Netherlands. Normally the goods arrive within 2-4 days. If any item ordered is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed accordingly.

9.3) If, in any case, we decide to deliver  the customer the goods without a received payment ( we will send the invoice after delivery), we will forward unpaid bills to our collection agency.

9.4) Unfortunately the customer is not able to pay our Subscriptions by Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. The Subscriptions must be paid by banktransfer or via Paypal.


10. Customer Service:

10.1) In case you have a complaint about our products or service you may contact our customer service at info@accessories4him.co.uk

10.2) We will react on your complaint within 7 days.


11. Circumstances beyond one’s control

11.1) Circumstances beyond one’s control are circumstances like strikes by transport companies or our suppliers, technical failures or weather situations. We cannot be hold responsible for any damage if any of these kinds of circumstances happen.

11.2) In any case of circumstances beyond our control we contact our customer to find a way to serve you to satisfaction and to fulfill the order as soon as possible.


12. Rights of Ownership:

The ownership of the delivered products will be transferred on the moment the customer has completed the payment.


13. All rights reserved:

All rights reserved. Nothing on this website may be copied, saved or distribute without written permission from E.L.Cravatte VOF.


14. Privacy Statement:

During every visit our webserver recognized your IP-address. During your visit the next information can be saved:

  • your email address as you use our contactform.
  • your email addres if you communicate this to us.
  • the domain of other sites which linked you to our site.
  • all information about the pages you have seen on our website.
  • all information you provide us voluntary (site registration or surveys)

This information can be use for:

  • Internal use and will be removed after use
  • To improve the content of our website
  • Information is only used for internal use and will not be passed on to others.

On this website we do NOT use cookies. (Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive.)

We don’t have partnerships with other websites / third parties.

How can you contact us concerning our Privacy Policy?
If you wish to react on our privacy policy, you can contact us;

  • - By email: info@accessories4him.co.uk
  • - By telephone: 06-28 50 61 23
  • - By fax: 070-427 83 60
  • - By letter: Baarslaan 91, 2215 XK, Voorhout, Netherlands

About communication by e-mail;
 If you don’t wish to receive any emails from our company in the future, you can contact us at info@accessories4him.co.uk
About communication by letter;
 If you provide us your postaladdress it can be possible to receive a quarterly newsletter from us. If you don’t wish to receive any letters from our company, you can contact us at info@accessories4him.co.uk

About communication by telephone;
 If you provide us your telephone number via the web, you can be called by our company concerning your order.

Our company can use your information for new purposes which are not foreseen at the moment in our Privacy Statement. In this case we will contact you accordingly to provide you information about the new purposes. Of course we offer you the possibility to refuse these new purposes.

On request we provide the visitors of our site the information we saved about this specific person. Please contact us for further information. If any wrong information is saved by us, we will update your details on request.


15. Gift Certificate / Vouchers Conditions:

In addition of our General Conditions these Gift Certificate Conditions are applicable on the use of gift certificates of E.L. Cravatte (Accessories4him.co.uk / Silktieshop.co.uk). By using our Gift Certificates, electronic or printed, you agree by the conditions mentioned below.

  1. Every Gift Certificate is provided with a unique 12-digit code. Each Gift Certificate is provided only once! So please keep this Voucher carefully. In case of theft / lost we will not be responsible and will not compensate you.
  2. E.L.Cravatte has the right to ask the customer for the original Gift Certificate before shipping the requested product.
  3. The 12-digit code can be filled out during the order process. So please make a regular order (choose for ‘Payment in Advance’). In the last fase of your order you filled out your code. Automatically the amount of your Gift Certificate will be deducted from the total amount.
  4. In case the value of the Gift Certificate is higher then your purchase, you will receive a new voucher with the remaining value. Also this code can be used once.
  5. In case the value of the Gift Certificate is lower then your purchase, you have to pay the remaining amount to our bankaccount. The items will be shipped on the moment the payment has been received. Unfortunately a payment by creditcard is not possible in this situation.
  6. Gift Certificate ar not exchangable for Money.
  7. Gift Certificates cannot be used for current orders.
  8. In case a product does not meet your expectations (as written in the General Conditions) you may exchange the product or request a new Gift Certificate.
  9. You may use our Gift Certificate for all our products, unless mentioned different on the Voucher.
  10. It is prohibited to change or fake the Gift Certificates of E.L.Cravatte.
  11. E.L.Cravatte is not responsible for effects of Vouchers.
  12. If you do have any questions concerning our Gift Certificates, please email us at  info@accessories4him.co.uk
  13. Gift Certificates can only be paid by Banktransfer or Paypal. Unfortunately they can not be paid by Secure Mastercard and Verified by Visa.  




Download and print the terms and conditions (pdf)




  • We supply the following mens accessories brands: E.L.Cravatte, Michaelis, ItalSeta, Progetto and Profuomo.
  •  We supply the following womens accessoires brands: Oroblu, Cashmink.
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